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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium



AREA / 2 123 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Office

PROJECT / 2007 - 2008

STATUS / Built 2009

The fitting-out of the offices of A2RC ARCHITECTS was part of an overall project that involved the conversion of two existing buildings and a former printworks around an inner courtyard. The offices were set up in the first three storeys of the building located at Rue Saint-Laurent 16; the upper floors were allocated for housing and converted into lofts. The location, close to the city centre, offers all the amenities occupants could wish for, particularly in terms of public transport. The space chosen and the design of the offices offer many opportunities for development. As well as leaving the structure of the building visible, with an unfinished treatment of surfaces, the offices incorporate open-plan spaces (workshops, reception, etc.) and enclosed spaces (private offices, meeting rooms). The offices were already under construction before the Building Energy Performance regulations came into effect, but they already took account of the technical requirements that have since become mandatory: - the spaces are equipped with a double flow ventilation system with heat recovery, which enabled full-height windows to be installed without suffering from overheating; - the windows on the façades have been designed in order to take maximum advantage of natural light and the savings on lighting are further increased by use of a dimmer and presence detector system;  - the heating system has been optimised so as to heat spaces in terms of their exposure and the number of staff working there.

This subdivision project is located close to Calevoet railway station and the Lycée Français, on the site of the Engeland plateau. It includes 298 homes, comprising 236 apartments and 62 houses, to be built over nine years. All of this will cover 9 hectares, of which 6 hectares will be kept as a protected green area.

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