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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium


PARTNER /  Sixtine (interior architect)

AREA / 32 700 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Offices

PROJECT / 2012 - 2014

STATUS / Built 2018

AXA 2017 concerns the transformation of an ensemble of three office buildings into the future headquarters of AXA BELGIUM. The center bloc (Régent I) will be entirely demolished and reconstructed whereas the two other buildings (Régent II & Trône) will be transformed and renovated accordingly. The historic elements of the oldest building will be restored. The strong architectural language of this new urban entity will express dynamism and transparence accentuating a dialogue between heritage and modernity. The exo-structure in anodized aluminium that envelops the new volumes is deployed according to a variable geometric network creating effects of density and rhythmic variations. A large central collaborative restaurant/workspace, the Forum, connected to an open-air patio, an atrium, and two elevated gardens generate an internal dynamic link transforming the three major volumes into a whole.

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