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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Immobel s.a. and BPI s.a.

                   (Van Maerlant Residential s.a. and Van Maerlant Office s.a.)

AREA / 36 056 sqm above ground (279 apartments)

PROGRAM / Housing, offices, retail, and facilities

PROJECT / 2007 - 2010

STATUS / Built 2014


The Maerlant – Belliard – Etterbeek block is situated in the heart of the European district. Currently used as an outdoor car park, it is surrounded by office areas and buildings of character and heritage value, such as Parc Léopold, the Van Maerlant convent, the Residence Palace, the Justus Lipsius, and Place Jean Rey. Its situation makes it a prime location in the area demarcated as the 'Brussels-Europe Area'. The creation of a complex of apartments, offices, collective amenities and shops on this block is intended to revitalise and redynamise a quarter which is currently devoid of any social life. The project mixes prestige apartments and conventional apartments. A new green space is created inside the block. Through its architectural and technical choices, the project has been developed in a spirit of sustainable development.

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