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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Keywest Development SA (Immobel & BPI)

PARTNER / Henning Larsen Architects

AREA / 63 000 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Housing, equipment and retail

PROJECT / 2019 - 2020

STATUS / In progress

Key West was designed to play an active role within the city of Brussels, its public spaces, its life, and be an integral part of it. In making Key West this active and vibrant destination, we aim to create a vibrant gathering point that connects, through its various functions and activities, to its local environment and beyond. Key West is designed as a diverse and cohesive community with a central internal canal and a south-facing marketplace that opens onto the city canal. Key West is envisioned as a pedestrianized community with a variety of public plazas and canal walks. Facing the city canal to the south and Van der Velde Square to the north, Key West offers both leisure and city living. Across Key West, the ground floor, activated by public functions, is designed to open up to the public realm. These public functions are carefully distributed to provide a vibrant and diverse streetscape throughout the year. As one strolls through Key West, the courtyards and rooftops of urban farming appear as little secret gardens for reflection or just as great places to enjoy a coffee while gazing at the city and its channels. The accommodations are located above the public functions, including a school and a sports club, which occupy the ground floor. Residential buildings, of a wide variety of heights, depths and volumes, offer not only a varied experience of the public realm, but also flexibility in terms of the types of apartments and age groups living there. It also allows the creation of semi-public spaces, roof terraces, private balconies and landscapes for urban agriculture. The architectural design is dedicated to experiences on a human scale, the integration of daylight and an optimal microclimate that prolongs the season of outdoor activities and generates life along the inner canal and the market square.

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