Brussels, Belgium 








2019 - 2020


2020 - 2024


63,000 sqm


housing, equipment, and retail


city centre

Key West has been designed to take an active and integral role in Brussels city and its public spaces and life. By staging Key West as an active and vibrant destination in the city, we wish to create a dynamic gathering point that reaches out and connects to its local surroundings and beyond – all year around, by means of its various functions and activities.

Key West is designed as a diverse yet homogenious community with a centralized inner canal and a south facing market square that opens up to the city canal. Key West is seen as a pedestrian community with a variety of public squares and boardwalks along the canal. While facing the city canal to the south and the Van der Velde square to the north Key West offers both the recreational and the urban life. Throughout Key West, the ground floor, activated by public functions, is designed to open up and spill out into the public realm during the seasons.

The public functions are carefully distributed in order to offer a vibrant and diverse streetscape across the community all year around. As one strolls around in Key West the inner courtyards and urban farming roofscapes will appear as small secret gardens for reflections or simply places for enjoying a coffee while overlooking the city and canals.

The residential part is located above the public functions at the ground floor including the school and the sports club. The residential buildings are designed with a variety of heights, depths and massing in order to offer not only a diverse public realm experience, but also to enable a flexibility to apartment types and age groups. This also enables Key West to offer a variety of semi-public spaces, roofscape terraces and landscape for urban farming and private balconies.

The architectural design is dedicated to human scale experiences, integration of daylight and an optimum microclimate that will extend the outdoor season and generate life and activities along the inner canal and the Market Square.