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LOCATION / Mamer, Luxembourg



AREA / 45 500 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Offices

PROJECT / 2020

STATUS / unbuilt

Imagined as a campus,and covered with a steel and glass structure,the Marnix space is developed on two levels, the ground floor and the 1st basement. These two floors are connected by a large library staircase equipped with bleachers and a large helical staircase which connects the entrance to the interior garden. The volume generated by the combination of these two floors is very generous and bright. The campus is equipped with an existing auditorium, a generous interior garden, relaxation and learning spaces and informal meeting and working areas. This space will also be equipped with kiosks with various functions such as a coffee corner, a bakery, a noodle bar, a salad bar. These kiosks will replace the current restaurant located in the basement. This space could also accommodate users who participate in symposia or conferences that would take place in the auditorium. But this space, of a versatile nature, could also host cultural events such as exhibitions or host, for a weekend, a festival such as the Listen festival (which is already present on the ING art center). The new volume, sober and elegant, timeless and contemporary, is characterized by its economy of means. In fact, the project proposes to keep most of the existing facilities. So the floors, the wall finishes are preserved. All the interventions are made in a delicate way and in continuity with the existing contributing to a goal of sustainable development. It will also be a matter of preferring the concept of timelessness, integrating the concept of maintenance of materials, the concept of removable design that can be adapted to changing needs. Sustainability will also involve recovering part of ING’s furniture but also anticipating the conversion of spaces. Users will be encouraged to use alternative ways of mobility by implementing a new big bike parking at the ground floor, with easy access from the street. Like a campus, the space will encourage interaction between users while giving an educational dimension to the complex. Learning and personal development programs will be implemented for the benefit of users. As part of the whole building , the Campus will be connected to the Marnix III by means of a large staircase accessible from the ground floor. The interconnectivity of the spaces will be developed on all the floors of the Marnix III, thus offering users a flexible and generous working environment. Marnix III building will be the connectivity between Marnix I and II horizontaly and verticaly.

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