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Brussels, Belgium

s.m. Crystal

2005 - 2007

2008 - 2010

8,000 m²


city centre

8,600,000 € - excluding taxes


The overall morphology of this office building and its architectural expression were born out of the analysis of the urban context around it. The façade consists of several registers, both horizontal and vertical, separated by strips of thermolacquered metal. Within these registers, each level presents a different façade due to the movement of folds in the glass panels, and due to the different positioning of screen-printed zones. This results in a decidedly contemporary expression, which offers diversity and urban vibrancy. Opposite the largest high-speed train station in Brussels, the overhanging area on the 6th floor is a clear signal of the corner of the building, and creates upscale premises with views over the city. The building is designed according to environmental insulation standard K45. High-efficiency pulsed air and intake units are provided. The ground and first floors have a height of 3.85 metres, of which the slab-to-slab height of the offices is 3.50 metres, which allows flexibility of equipment and interior fittings and air conditioning either by climate ceiling or by chilled beams. The last two storeys can be linked as a duplex via a staircase opening onto a large vertical window overlooking a garden equipped with an array of giant bamboo sunshades, trees with light foliage, a bed of white roses, a wood deck (FSC) and no-maintenance short grass. All the roofs are flat and covered with short vegetation such as sedum or with decking, gravel or pebbles. A rainwater recovery tank is used to supply water for cleaning façades and watering the garden.

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