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Brussels, Belgium 


Atenor Group s.a. (Build Up s.a.)


Ateliers Lion 




2005 - 2009


2099 - 2014


82,000 sqm above ground 

Tower : 40,000 sqm

Terraced building : 13,000 sqm

Offices : 29,000 sqm


mixed use


city centre

UP-Site is a new mixed quarter consisting of 370 homes divided between 'terraced buildings' and a new high-rise block ‘UP-Tower’ that is 140 metres tall, as well as four office buildings. The complex, which is crossed by a pedestrian walkway, is built around a garden giving access to the public open space and the banks of the canal. A redesigned and planted public space is developing along the quayside, along with shops and terraces. The prestige apartments offer space, terraces and exceptional views for the residents. The offices, in turn, are divided into four buildings along Quai de Willebroek with a total area of 29,000 square metres spread over eight floors. They offer every amenity to future occupants and easy access.Through its urban planning, architectural and engineering choices, the project affirms a desire to be part of a sustainable development approach.