Brussels, Belgium 


Régie des Bâtiments Direction de Bruxelles and Service Public Fédéral Mobilité et Transports


Origin Architecture and Engineering




2011​ - 2014


2015 - 2019


41,670 sqm


opera house, workshops, and administration


city centre

After the time for the genesis of a founding project (1986), and the time for developing synergies (2000), it is time to draw up an (initial) synthesis.In 2011, in order to react to the evolution of the surrounding area, which has become a pedestrian zone, and to incorporate advances due to new techniques, A2RC ARCHITECTS was assigned the role, like the conductor of a lengthy work, of composing a Master Plan for the future development of the building of La Monnaie Opera House. Based on its strong commitment to the buildings it shaped, and their occupants, thanks to its closeness to the cultural world and the performing arts, and with its concern to continue listening humbly to the needs of the building’s users, and remain forward-looking, A2RC structured this plan with four main lines of action, under the supervision of Peter de Caluwe, General Director of 'La Monnaie' since 2007:1. Opening up the Opera House even more to the city, the audience and the artists, through the creation of new entrances and lobby, improvement of the technical facilities and comfort of the theatre (seats, etc.), and the continuation of restoration work on the auditorium; 2. Adapting the production facilities to achieve enhanced quality of performances, by creating a delivery route for scenery directly from the workshops to the stage, by the creation of a tunnel beneath rue Léopold, the modification of the goods lifts, scenery lifts and access for instruments, the alterations above and below the stage, and finally, the replacement of the stage floor; 3. Managing the buildings and energy from environmental and budgetary viewpoints, via the centralisation of the heating systems, insulation of façades and roofs, optimisation of the storage available, and the refurbishment of the staff washrooms; and 4. Reinforcing the safety and security of persons and property. Thanks to A2RC's ability to exploit the existing potential to its fullest, La Monnaie, a glittering jewel, shaped with coherence and perseverance, will remain the urban monument which shines amid the city, as was foreseen by A2RC in the visionary project started back in 1984.