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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium


AREA / 4 223 sqm above ground 

PROGRAM / Housing  et retail

YEAR / 2016

STATUS / Under construction

The project proposes the conversion and renovation of an office building into a 16-unit apartment building. It will comprise a commercial ground floor (which will be maintained) and nine floors of accommodation. All flats are walk-through except for the studios. The lounges face Avenue Louise and the bedrooms face Rue Lens with a view of the lower ixelles and Place Flagey. The structure of the building will be preserved as much as possible. The largest intervention in terms of demolition will take place at the rear of the building and will also involve the demolition of the last two floors. A new stairwell and lift shaft will be built in order to optimally organize the flats. The demolitions will be carried out while maintaining the activity on the ground floor. The projected roofs will be of the "flat roof" type. These roofs will be greened when they exceed 100 sqm of surface not accessible to the public. The courtyard above the car park will be treated as a flat roof.

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