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LOCATION / Hamm, Luxembourg

CLIENT / Silverfinch Property & Asset Management

AREA / 25 000 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Offices and retail

PROJECT / 2016 - 2017

STATUS / Under construction

On this site covering over 15,000 square metres, A2RC ARCHITECTS has designed three buildings embodying minimalist, repetitive architecture (two office buildings and a hotel) structured on a continuous glazed base. Over 8,000 square metres on the ground floor are divided into a multitude of shops. A long passageway made of columns protects walkers and provides the setting for the shop windows. The hotel offers 124 bedrooms, which fan out in the three directions, many of them with terraces, and a spa. It surrounds an inner courtyard with trees, sheltered from the town. A set of wood and glass panels on the façade guarantees the privacy of the bedrooms. The façades of the office buildings are distinguished by the absence of panels, and a random pattern of angled columns reflecting the light. With a landscape esplanade and terraces on the upper floors, the office floors are uncluttered by any intermediate structure, and offer optimal energy efficiency. In a measured and forward-looking approach, the project has five floors of underground parking, 1 600 spaces intended also for the local area and the future multimodal station.

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