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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Joint Venture

(Immomills Development s.a. and Batipont Immobilier s.a.)

PARTNER / JNC international

AREA / 130 000 sqm above ground 

PROGRAM / Housing

PROJECT / 1989 - 1995

STATUS / Built 2005

​The redevelopment of the former Military Hospital in the Ixelles district of Brussels was necessary after it fell into disuse from 1974. On this site covering more than 6 hectares, the project was informed by a green urbanism, giving rise to a new mixed-purpose urban quarter, which not only offers 30,000 m² of offices, but 935 homes set around a public park covering one hectare, and a new public square with playground and shops. The re-urbanisation of the site was designed with a view to creating new links between neighbouring blocks through it. The architecture of the new buildings ensures that they are harmoniously integrated through the use of traditional materials (brick, stone, plaster, zinc) and by diversity in the design of the façades, which adopt the same pattern of plot sizes. ​ The development offers: ​ - 253 social housing units (12 buildings); - 422 affordable housing units (15 buildings); - 260 apartments sold at market rates (13 buildings).

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