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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Innovation s.a.

AREA / 5 000 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / shopping centre, façade, and atrium

PROJECT / 2003 - 2004

STATUS / Built 2004

Situated right in the centre of Brussels, between rue Neuve and Place des Martyrs, ever since the reconstruction following the fire in 1967, Innovation offered passers-by an image of a block of brutalist concrete architecture turned in on itself. Nowadays, after eight months of building work in 2004 which did not interrupt business, the building has a new sober, light façade made from glass, metal and stone, which opens out onto the city via a wide window three storeys high over the main entrance. The old shop ground floor has given way to high display windows. To emphasise the whole effect and provide a transition between the stone and the glazed display windows, a clear awning runs the length of the two façades. It also protects passers-by and the display windows from the rain and the sun. Inside, an atrium has been created around two escalator cores from the ground floor to the fourth floor.


This subdivision project is located close to Calevoet railway station and the Lycée Français, on the site of the Engeland plateau. It includes 298 homes, comprising 236 apartments and 62 houses, to be built over nine years. All of this will cover 9 hectares, of which 6 hectares will be kept as a protected green area.

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