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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / City of Ixelles

PARTNERS /  Joint venture

Malibran (Arter, A.2R.C, Sweco)

AREA / 9 254 sqm above ground

PROGRAM /  Town hall & public space

PROJECT / 2007 - 2011

STATUS / Built 2020

​The project consists of a complete overhaul of the town hall buildings of Ixelles initiated by the local authority. Ideally located in a strategic position in the context of Chaussée d'Ixelles and Place Fernand Cocq, the town hall is currently composed of a series of different buildings, created by successive extensions of the administration building. The façades that make up the local authority islet are varied and mostly interesting, as are some of the interiors, including the listed Malibran building. However, the succession of extensions and the addition of annexes filled up the centre of the islet, and resulted in a lack of clarity of the various volumes within it; it was difficult to see the entrances, there was confusion in the organisation of internal circulations, the division of functions was unstructured and there was a lack of differentiation between public areas and private departments. The aim of the project was to free up the heart of the islet by creating two new ‘unbuilt spaces’ in the heart of buildings that arrange the space clearly and structure the various departments and municipal services. 1.  A new covered courtyard, with glass atrium for dealing with the public, where the new public entrance is situated, light and easily accessible, and surrounded by the counters and services for the public. 2.  An open courtyard for the staff, offering a terrace to the restaurant (canteen) on the ground floor and also accessible from the street. This is the heart of the private departments. These two major treatments are a clear statement of the split between the public and private spheres of the project. It was also planned to connect the Malibran building to the other buildings to which it was poorly connected.

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