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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Home Invest Belgium


AREA /  5 833 sqm above ground

PROGRAM /  Housing and nursing home 

PROJECT /  2019

STATUS / under construction (end of the construction 2024)

The project involves the transformation of two office buildings into 46 flats, a daycare, and common areas for the use of tenants, while maintaining the existing structure and the existing underground car parking. The site is located at 93-103 rue Jourdan in Saint-Gilles, a street that connects Avenue Louise to the Parvis de Saint-Gilles. It has an area of 1114m². The street is made up of typical Brussels houses on one side, most of which are divided into flats, and on the other side, higher buildings that contribute to the gradation of scale towards l’Hôtel des Monnaies. The project includes the addition of a new façade with a wooden structure in front of the existing structure of the building on the right, recreating an urban grid that takes up the rhythms of the plot of Brussels houses. This makes it possible to recover the residential expression of the street, the grid of the new façade echoing the opposite façades. The ground floor is activated by shared spaces to offer the inhabitants additional qualitative spaces for meetings. In this concept, each occupant benefits from his or her own private living space and shares with the other inhabitants of the building common spaces that improve his or her quality of life, spaces that he or she would not have been able to obtain at the same price if there had not been this mutualization of these complementary spaces. A nursery for 36 children is also located on the ground floor to serve the families of the neighborhood. From an ecological point of view, the installation of a heat pump will save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions, and particular attention is being paid to the potential for renovation. Maintaining the existing structure is beneficial for the carbon footprint. The only new structure (the façade of No.) will be made of wood.

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