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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Triple J

AREA / 5 250 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Housing and retail

PROJECT / 2008 - 2009

STATUS / Built 2013

The building located at rue Maus was left as an eyesore for over twenty years. The objective of this project is to rehabilitate the building and to enhance its value as a whole, by integrating homes, shops and hotel facilities. The density of the building will be offset by green spaces which will adorn the heart of this block. The project is located within the inner ring road near the centre of the historic district of the city, a stone's throw from the Grand Place and close to the Brussels Stock Exchange. The project was developed in several adjoining buildings along rue Maus, as well as along as in some places along rue des Pierres. The façades and roofs of the buildings in rue Maus were listed in 2000. Besides the listed parts, the project takes account of other unlisted elements, mainly the staircases dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. These elements were highlighted and serve as the main distribution cores. The conservation also concerns elements of the joinery (metal and wood) and unlisted façades. The whole complex will be enhanced by an air of modernity due to glazed loggias and a vertical garden in the courtyard. 1. Homes They will be located on the upper floors of the buildings both in rue Maus and in rue des Pierres. They will require either a major renovation or reconstruction whereby entirely new homes will be offered. In addition, their south-facing exposure will ensure that they benefit from maximum sunlight. For those facing north, the view towards the Stock Exchange City or the Town Hall is a particularly attractive feature. The diversity characteristic of the entire project will also be noticed in the housing component. Tenants can choose from apartments with one or two bedrooms, with or without mezzanines; some will even enjoy a terrace or balcony depending on their specific situations. 2. Shops The proposed pedestrian streets under consideration will make this area a place where it is pleasant to stroll. Rue Maus has continued to be popular, due to the influx of users of public transport. The shops will revitalize the surrounding streets. At present, it is difficult to predict what types of business will find a place in this revitalised neighbourhood. Projections suggest that there will wine bars, boutiques selling designer objects, etc.

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