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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / BPI s.a. (Les Hauts Prés s.a.)

AREA / 8 030 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Nursing home

PROJECT / 2010

STATUS / Built 2011

Between 2010 and 2012, the A2RC ARCHITECTS practice designed a retirement home on the "Les Hauts Prés" site in Uccle. Located at the entrance of the suburban area opposite Calevoet station, the project establishes a link between the active area consisting of shops, offices, the station, rue Egide Van Ophem and the leafy residential district along rue Ilya Prigogine up to the top of the site and the area of greenery. The built structure consists of volumes of two-tone inlaid brick, sitting on a base with large windows on the street side. The "L" shape fits perfectly with the location, because the two wings open towards the south and west, creating a garden at the rear accessible to residents from the common area of the ground floor, and in the heart of the leisure activities of the "home". The brick volumes are punctuated by groups of windows, balconies and terraces that provide the occupants with ample light and pleasant and entertaining views. The apartments/rooms are the top two floors built into the roof in a white surround made of a white coating and also feature terraces and balconies overlooking the surrounding area. The bar/meeting area on the same storey also benefits from optimal orientation with a terrace and large windows opening to the south. The project aims to offer the occupants maximum comfort, well-being, cosiness and fulfilment while maintaining direct contact with the outside world and its occupations.

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