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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Stephano Immo s.a.

AREA /  1 704 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Housing and retail

PROJECT / 2010 - 2011

STATUS / Built 2012

​This project consists of three specific entities: 1) A magnificent mansion in Louis XVI style fronting the street and with an area of 1 176 m² was converted (upper floors and basement) into commercial space intended to accommodate an internationally famous brand; the top two floors being converted into 4 apartments in an apartment-style hotel with an expatriate customer base for stays of longer or shorter duration. The installation of lifts and a new emergency staircase ensures the sustainability of these homes. 2) A completely new building will be erected in place of the former car park at the rear of the main building. With deliberately contemporary architecture, this shop with an area of 303 m² will operate completely independently or in association with the shop located in the main building. 3) The former garages located at the bottom of the plot will be converted into retail space. In order to optimize the area of 225 m², an extension will be built in front of the building as a fully glazed space, covered with a zinc roof, like the awning, now no longer there, which once protected the vehicles.

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