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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Patrizia

PARTNER /  Hassel studio ( interior designers and landscape architects )

AREA / 28 000 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / offices

PROJECT / 2019

STATUS / under construction (end of the construction 2024)

The Louise Tower is a significant achievement in the history of modern Belgian architecture. Our vision is to honor its heritage while also greatly improving working conditions and sustainability, lowering energy consumption and its carbon footprint, therefore fortifying its legacy in the future. The conscious decision to replace all exterior glazing with new energy-efficient double-glazed floor-to-ceiling panels is reminiscent of the initial design of the Polak brothers; this aesthetic change has minimal impact on the architectural composition, all the while bringing a feel of freshness and minimalism throughout. The project is conceived based on Excellent BREEAM Standards, with a focus on sustainability and low-impact construction techniques. The building materials to be replaced or removed will be recycled and reused, thus minimizing construction waste. The new glazing is designed in accordance with the new ventilation equipment, by achieving a balance between high-performance insulating glass panels and the efficient ceiling cooling system. The materials used in the office space will also be of low environmental impact, providing beautiful and comfortable workspaces, without compromising the ecologically-minded renovation. Finally, our vision is to resew connections between the building and its neighborhood by integrating services and retail spaces in the base of the tower. This will ensure that the ground floor will be a living, dynamic platform for business and commerce.

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