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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / BCS Investissement - Willemen Real Estate

AREA / 5 400 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Housing

PROJECT / 2011 - 2012

STATUS / Built 2014

The project consisting of two separate buildings contains 54 apartments. The two buildings are connected together by totally glazed walkways situated on the second and third floors and via the basement. The walkways give access to two additional apartments. This way there are only three circulation nodes for the whole project. The façades are made of bricks laid on thin mortar, as well as white rendered plaster. The bricks are combined in two tones. The dark brown brick and the other bright orange brick offer contrasting levels of brightness. Due to its favourable orientation, the left building offers a great diversity of apartments, some of which are through-apartments and others facing a single direction. The right one offers through-apartments (apart from the corner on the street side) with most of the bedrooms facing north. The volumes are carved and decrease in order to optimise sunlight and minimise the general impression of height. Private gardens and / or terraces are planned for all ground-floor apartments. The project is set well back from the street, and has a common green space at the rear which accommodates bicycle sheds.

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