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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Immobel s.a. and BPI s.a.

                   (Les Deux Princes Development s.a. and Immo 33 I)

PARTNER / Jaspers-Eyers Architects

AREA / 14 506 sqm above ground (110 apartments)

PROGRAM / Housing, studen housing and nursing home

PROJECT / 2011 - 2013

STATUS / Built 2016

The rehabilitation and conversion of the historic Solvay company headquarters spreads across two neighbouring islets. For islet 33, the planned development consists of family homes, student accommodation and a retirement home. The architectural challenge is to maintain the continuity of the urban development of the islet, while offering a contrast in the interior areas of the islet. The conservation of all the street façades, the keeping of the existing carriage-gate entrances, as well as the creation of two internal courtyards through the demolition of two interior wings will form the basis of the project. The courtyards, the heart of the project, are surrounded by new contemporary façades, a dynamic style which contrasts with the classical exterior of the conserved façades.

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