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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / XL Immobilier

AREA / 4 962 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Housing

PROJECT / 2003 - 2005

STATUS / Built 2006

This new housing complex replaces an eyesore in the urban landscape of the Louise district, between the rue Jean Stas and the rue Jourdan in the centre of Brussels. It consists of three buildings, the two major of which connect the frontage of the two streets. The third creates a link between these two buildings, in the centre of the block, and delineates an area common to the 38 homes as well as private gardens. The unusual layout of the homes, which alternates every two floors, offers a maximum number of transverse apartments, arranged in duplex format. The homes benefit from views over the interior of the block, yet receive ample sunlight. The project fosters total integration into the quarter, by respecting the connections to neighbouring buildings and the Brussels typology in terms of the proportions of the plots, empty and filled spaces and the interpretation of the main architectural elements specific to this typology (including loggias, balconies, base courses and strips of natural stone).

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