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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / City of Brussels

AREA / 635 sqm above ground (treillis)

PROGRAM / Public park

PROJECT / 2009 - 2012

STATUS / Built 2017

This project aims to restore the Waux-Hall site to its original condition, and start re-using it within the setting of the Brussels Royal Park and the Théâtre du Parc. It was originally dismantled and more or less abandoned in the 1930s. The project consists of three separate and interdependent parts. The restoration of the trellis galleries: over the years, these galleries, which were home to a café which hosted open-air concerts, were gradually turned into storage facilities for neighbouring occupants and a rehearsal room for the theatre. The change of use of the old soft-drinks room: the layout of the basement as a storage area freed up the wing of the galleries occupied by the Cercle Gaulois. The change of use of the bandstand: currently used as a private home, the former bandstand will undergo some internal alterations in order to set up the rehearsal room there, which obstructs the central wing of the trellis galleries. In addition, the installation of a system of sliding walls will make the stage useable again for one-off events.

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