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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Gands n.v.

AREA / 13 165 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Mixed use

PROJECT / 2012 (competition)

STATUS / unbuilt

Our master plan for the redevelopment seeks to draw inspiration as far as possible from the master plan prepared by BUUR. All aspects concerning circulation and passability as well as accessibility of the site are adopted to a large extent. Our masterplan differs mainly in terms of volumetry and envelope, as well as orientation and architectural development of the volumes. For the end building, we were asked to design a building that has a distinct architectural design language since it is actually a gateway to the redesigned site. The building forms a sculptural transition between the underlying urban context and the more rural character of the inner area. This form has been obtained by making use of the main outline present in the regional implementation plan (RUP); so the building is arranged along the diagonal of the RUP. In this way, more exclusive apartments are created with an extensive view over the public park and furthermore, they enjoy perfectly-oriented outdoor areas. The retail ground floor is also an extension of the public road between the ground-floor apartments and the higher-rise apartments built as far as the extension of the end building. The adjacent roof garden is designed as a "green" balcony over this new extension of the public space. On entry to the site, the end building has the rounded shape that impacts a character like a 'flatiron building' to the whole ensemble, and forms a strong feature in the landscape. The apartment buildings were divided into two separate entities, a slim volume with north-facing bedrooms and sunny south terraces. To this were added a series of "stacked" volumes in order to obtain a varying typology in the apartments in terms of area.

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