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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Hat Venture and BPI

AREA / 6 300 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Offices

PROJECT / 2001 - 2002

STATUS / Built 2003

​The renovation of this office complex (built in 1972) is part of a process of recycling existing buildings in order to re-introduce them, with all the amenities required, into the Brussels property market. The choice of technical performances is highlighted in order to make the building as efficient as a new building. All the work done made the building energy-efficient and elegant, as well as having very pleasant views and light. The work on the two buildings was broken down into three parts: The first concerns bringing them into compliance with prevailing building standards, as well as removing asbestos components. The second part comprised: complete reorganisation of the storeys around existing structures and, after removal of the architectural concrete apron walls and the window frames, installation of a curtain wall façade consisting of clear glass. The new façade exploits the existing angle in the building (which corresponds to one of the angles of a pentagon), but creates a ripple all the way up it, a dynamic architectural element which appears differently on each floor, thus creating a sort of event which highlights this angular characteristic. Metal grids are placed horizontally, punctuating the sunniest part of the façade. A new entrance hall has been created, as have the vertical circulation nodes, and the storeys are fitted with cold panel ceilings, false floors and new sanitaryware. The third part concerns the new layout of the gardens front and back.

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