EXPERIENCE  26 years
LANGUAGES  french - english - dutch - german

1995  Architect – I.S.A. Victor Horta / ULB

1996  Architect Internship in the VMX in Amsterdam, Netherlands

1997-1998  Architect in the Christine Conix Architecture Office

1998-1999  Architect in the J-M Gillet Architecture Office

1999-2018  Architect in the A2RC ARCHITECTS office 
Since 2019  Administrator of A.2R.C and managing director of A2RC ARCHITECTS


As Project Director, Anne-Catherine Dubois will be responsible for managing and leading the various teams from conception to realization. His experience of more than 26 years with A2RC ARCHITECTS makes him a seasoned architect who advocates dialogue between different parties, teams or actors for a common goal. His involvement in the majority of projects in the design phase has allowed him to be involved in projects as diverse as varied as housing, offices, nursing homes or even large-scale mixed projects.