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Marin Kasimir


Hotel de Ligne / Brussels / 2005

Dimensions is part of Marin Kasimir's research on the development of photographic panoramas. Printed on a backlit sheet of Plexiglas, the image features three shots at 450 °. From left to right, we go from the castle of Seneffe to a playground then to the streets of Tournai on a feast day, which was then still called feast of the French Community on September 27, 2004. The assembly of the three photographs holds of film editing. The images are in fact neither juxtaposed nor separated from each other. Kasimir mixed the shots into a more abstract and condensed sequence, as if the shooting had suddenly speeded up. Dimensions is also an exercise in composition, both in the treatment of colors and shapes and in the relationship of the “figures” to each other. The view of the courtyard of the castle of Seneffe shows it well: a carpet of flowers bursts out tones which contrast with the blue stone and the gray of the sky; the few scattered visitors are far from us; Kasimir has chosen a very precise point of view: by settling at the end of a side wing, he shifts the perspective of the architecture and reveals a clock turret that rules the left part of the panorama. The viewer will soon find a second clock in the next shot, in the playground populated by children, here photographed up close, at face height, moving at the ends of the image and as if motionless in the center. And, it is again a dial, this time part of the scenography of a street show entitled L'horloge humaine, that we recognize above the crowd massed in front of the Belfry of Tournai where, under a dark sky, flamboyant the colors of the clothes of the acrobats and the flags of the French Community today called the Wallonia-Brussels, Belgian and European Federation. By repeating the image of a clock in this way, Kasimir focuses less on thematizing the object and more on emphasizing the relationship between space and time, of which the technique of panorama itself constitutes one of the most telling demonstrations.

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