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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Université Libre de Bruxelles

AREA / 4 000 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / University

PROJECT / 2008 - 2009

STATUS / Built 2011

Located on the ULB Solbosch campus, building G, built in 1918, originally consisted of five levels. In the 1970s, a partial sixth floor was added on the roof of the building. The work done consisted of the demolition/reconstruction of this upper extension (level 6) and the total interior renovation of this level and part of the lower level (level 5). New rooms (12 workshops that can accommodate 60 students each, a jury room, a computer room with 50 seats, a storage room and two large rooms for teaching staff) can accommodate part of the new Faculty of Architecture of the ULB on these two levels. The reconstruction was carried out around the existing structure consisting of glulam portal frames and two technical cores. These portal frames were reinforced by glulam beams, on which the facade elements made of an insulated wood frame rest. Due to the choice of a lightweight architecture, facades are coated with light-coloured coating. The glazed elements (glazing with an appropriate solar coefficient) are placed in strips and the presence of sunscreens prevents overheating in summer. The choice of a regular pattern on the façade meets the changing needs of the ULB for rooms, and this modulation allows various permutations. The new premises have technical equipment (lighting, computers, audio-visual and ventilation) ensuring optimal comfort and energy performance (K=32 and E=75).

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