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LOCATION / Oslo, Norway

CLIENT / Local authority of Oslo

AREA / 30 000 sqm above ground

PROGRAM / Opera house and ballet

PROJECT / 2000

STATUS / Unbuilt

By including the construction of the opera house as part of an overall strategy, the local authority of Oslo symbolically placed culture as an essential factor in the regeneration of the city centre and its surroundings, meeting hereby A2RC ARCHITECTS’ commitment since the very beginning of their work in 1983. From the town planning viewpoint, the aim of the project was to develop the Oslo Opera as a link energising the relationships between the old and the new city. A network of paths and visual fields, organised as a triangulated mesh of public, semipublic and private spaces, generates the shape of the opera, in the manner of a rhizome. This network affords the opportunity to rebuild the relations between the city and the bay: interconnections of functions, a mix of activities and superimposition of public spaces with a whole series of urban activities.

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