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LOCATION / Liège, Belgium

CLIENT / City of Liège

PARTNERS /  AA, TGI, and Origin

AREA / 11 850 sqm above ground  (1 020 seats)

PROGRAM / Opera house

PROJECT / 2005 - 2010

STATUS / Built 2012


FIREFORUM AWARDS : category science & technology 2011

Built in 1820, from 1860 onward the opera underwent a campaign of renovation and enlargement. In 1930, on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition, a pediment was added. In the course of time, various inept alterations have disrupted the pure lines of the initial building. The renovation enabled this to be corrected. The proposed intervention, using simple architectural expression, was part of a powerful historic logic, which respected the old parts of the building. The raising of the stage house defined the overall volume of the extension, and enabled three floors to be developed on top of the auditorium, offering extra offices and a multifunctional rehearsal room (such as La Monnaie in 1986). The façades of the raised area were lined with a metal screen structure, also placed in front of the windows of the historic building creating the new image. The original façade, which had been crudely cleaned, was replastered and repainted. With a view to maintaining coherence, the pediment was treated likewise.

This subdivision project is located close to Calevoet railway station and the Lycée Français, on the site of the Engeland plateau. It includes 298 homes, comprising 236 apartments and 62 houses, to be built over nine years. All of this will cover 9 hectares, of which 6 hectares will be kept as a protected green area.

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