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LOCATION / Brussels, Belgium

CLIENT / Bouygues Immobilier, Immpact, Cofinimo, CFE IMMO,

                Optima, Traffic/Cyjelo

AREA / 51 466 sqm above ground (414 apartments)

PROGRAM / housing, retail, nursing house, and crèches

PROJECT / 2009 - 2011

STATUS / Built 2017

The project dividing a 2.97-hectare site into nine plots is located in Evere, 50 metres from the junction between chaussée de Louvain and avenue des Communautés. The site is situated in an area of high diversity on the Regional Land Use Plan, and the proposal aims to promote this diversity while integrating housing as the main function in order to create a new neighbourhood. The project envisages the building of apartment blocks, shops, a nursing home, buildings for SMEs and a nursery, all creating a new urban area, built around a central square and a new street. An artificial pond and infiltration basin will be implemented in a green space within the islet, accessible to residents. This stormwater retention basin, in combination with green roofs and two other basins, will act as a buffer for the public sewerage system. Visitors will discover the new district via avenue Cicéron, and see a sequence of buildings whose heights, directly linked to those of the existing buildings, will rise up to the ‘flagship’ building (ground floor and 15 storeys), marking the entrance to the site. In the centre, apartment buildings will be arranged around a pedestrian public square, framing it with the medium-rise façades (ground floor plus four or five storeys, and roof garden). The design of each building has been given individual treatment, and the square will have optimal exposure to sunlight. The whole project has been designed in a contemporary spirit that can be read through the character of the public spaces and harmonious materials recommended, while respecting the quality of life, the visual homogeneity of the architectural ensemble and compliance with the surrounding topologies.

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